The dedicated professionals at MRPE define the local standards within our industry. MRPE, Inc. connects leading minds in their fields with expert technicians and budding professionals. Together we change the world for the better.


Matthew Rodgers, PE/LS
President & CEO

Matt Rodgers, PE, LS is the founder and President of MRPE, Inc. and has dedicated over twenty-five years to civil engineering in the Sacramento region. Matt has infused MRPE with the innovation, accountability and excellence that has defined his career. Matt also serves as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Sacramento, an adviser to students within the Civil Engineering Department at California State University, Sacramento and Engineers Without Borders.

Areas of expertise: Stormwater, Wastewater, Drinking Water, Sites, Transportation, Entitlements, Surveying, Construction/O&M Support and CADD

Richard S. Batha, PE
Senior Engineer

Richard Batha, PE offers technical expertise from engineering/design to program management to construction and operations support. During his tenure as a Supervising Engineer for the City of Sacramento, Rick streamlined project processes from budgeting through to construction and maintenance with a focus on how to best serve the public.

Areas of Expertise: sewer infrastructure, combined sewer systems, stormwater infrastructure, detention basins


Martin Farber, PE
Senior Engineer

Martin Farber, PE is the Sacramento Storm Water Management Model (SSWMM) expert and has expansive general civil engineering experience spanning more than four decades. SSWMM was developed for Sacramento’s unique flat topography to allow for the redirection of stormwater flows that surcharge to the surface. Martin is involved with several nonprofits including Engineers Without Borders, Sacramento CASA, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sacramento and has served as president of the Sacramento chapter of ASCE.

Areas of Expertise: Stormwater hydraulics & hydrology

Andrew Hunt, PE
Senior Engineer

Andy Hunt's career has spanned forty plus years with over thirty-two years with the City of Sacramento. His expertise in designing and managing challenging projects is unsurpassed. Applying his knowledge of Engineering and Design Support & Oversight, Project Management and Construction Oversight Andy has amassed a list of impressive achievements.

Areas of Expertise: stormwater infrastructure, detention basins, structural design

Jim Sequeira
Senior Engineer

Jim Sequeira began his professional career as a water treatment operator which led to his eventual role as one of the first directors at the City of Sacramento’s Department of Utilities. Under Jim’s management the Department of Utilities took care of the City’s storm water, drinking water supply and treatment, floodplain/control planning, disaster management, financial planning and organizational development. With over forty-four years of utility management experience Jim is well-positioned to assess the unique needs of each client and apply his expertise to ensure results are delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Areas of Expertise: drinking water, municipal management

Robert Thaung, PE
Senior Engineer

Robert Thaung, PE served the City of Sacramento’s Department of Utilities for over fifteen years streamlining the process in order to provide the most precise, accurate and reliable plan checking efforts. Prior to this, he spent fifteen years with the City of Los Angeles’s Department of Public Works. His commitment to delivering superb services inspires any team to follow suit and his calm focus and high standards influence those around him, elevating the delivered product for every project.

Areas of Expertise: stormwater, wastewater, drinking water, site improvements, transportation